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Apollo Boilerplate Printed Magnet


Apollo Boilerplate Printed Magnet



As part of the Apollo program, a number of so-called "boilerplate" (BP) command modules were constructed to undergo various tests and to serve as training vehicles for astronauts and other mission crew members. The initial use of BP1102A was as the water egress trainer for all Apollo flights, including by the crew of Apollo 11, the first lunar landing mission.The large righting spheres atop and floatation ring around this “boilerplate” Apollo test command module are the actual floats used w
Holds refrigerator notes, photos, dress up a school locker, room or workspace. Collect 'em, trade 'em. 2.25 inch diameter, Metal shell, Flat magnetic back, Mylar/UV protecting cover

Tags: Apollo 11, Boilerplate, NASA, NASM, Smithsonian,, Apollo Boilerplate Artwork, Product Type: Printed Magnet

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